Who we are?

Through our professional experience we have come to realize that about 80% of the tourists who come here don’t get to know the authentic Menorca. We also believe that they don’t leave Menorca with the sensations that the island deserves.  In the same way, few tourists know that Menorca has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO or, if they do, what that means exactly. A high percentage of visitors never get to enjoy one of the island’s jewels: the Camí de Cavalls GR 223, a 115 mile long bridle path with varying degrees of difficulty, which runs the whole way around the Menorcan coast. Besides that we feel that it is a great pity how the interior of the island remains forgotten. Naturally the nautical activities on offer and the large number of coves with crystal clear water cannot go unnoticed.  However we must not forget the magic of the interior nor the richness of its Talayotic culture to be found in numerous archaeological sites.

These concerns form part of our philosophy, which we try to transmit with a lot of love in each activity and in each experience that we offer to our clients. By jeep, by bike or on foot, we want you to discover the authentic Menorca.

Far away from the tourist traps.

Far away from the massified bus tours.

Far away from souvenir shops.

Far away from tarmac…

Jeep Safari Menorca

Get to know our team

Each member of our team is in love with this island and this is what we wish to communicate. Every day our motivation is to take you to the heart of Menorca so that you can feel it, live it, know it and return again so as to know it even better.

With our knowledge of the island, our 4×4 vehicles, our bikes etc. we guarantee that there will be no corner left to be discovered nor experience still to be felt.